360 Smart Video Doorbell X3 Singapore

360 Smart Video Doorbell X3 Singapore is the latest smart gadget by 360. It offers a high-quality ultra-sharp 5MP HD camera, equipped with the latest technology such as radar, WDR & Facial recognition & AI to reduce false alarms such as cars or people passing by your house. Together with advanced night vision, optional package detection functionality and a long-running battery with optional wired or inbuilt charging through an add-on battery. it provides all-round security for your home or office. It is currently available on Smart Camera Singapore now.











* Note that some of the features require an optional subscription service. Go to 360 AI Protection Plan for more details.

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360 Smart Video Doorbell X3 (Latest Model) Key Features

X3 Radar Video Doorbell
X3 Doorbell radar sensor


Radar Sensor & Human Detection

Uses 4 different detection technologies- radar sensors, passive infrared sensors, human detection and facial for fast and accurate detection so it picks up anything important without any false alarm. With the radar sensor, the doorbell has precise detection of objects within the detection radius and can floor the object’s trajectory. That way, you can track the object’s movement that crosses the set boundary in your property. Facial recognition recognizes familiar faces and distinguishes them from strangers for the minimal possible interruption of false alarms. You can also customize the reading zone, ensuring that any objects passing outside of that radius do not cause any false alarms and ensure the doorbell camera only watch areas you intend to. It is also smart enough to distinguish between movements of humans, vehicles, and animals.

* Note that some of the features require an optional subscription service. Go to 360 AI Protection Plan for more details.

Package Detection

Package Recognition & Alert

Features optional package arrival detection and pick up notification. It automatically detects when there’s a package at your door and sends you real-time notifications. And when someone picks up that package, you’ll be instantly notified so you will know who picks up your package.

* This feature requires an optional subscription service. Go to 360 AI Protection Plan for more details.

360 X3 Doorbell package detection
X3 wifi extender & Chime

Chime, Wifi Base & local storage

Wifi Extender & Chime, 8GB Storage

Provide wifi base station with Chime and 8G local storage - Wifi base station serves as a dual-band Wi-Fi amplifier with up to 300m range, extending your Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home, and ensuring two-way audio and visual calls through your doorbell are never dropped. Not only will sound off when your visitors are here it also provides free 8GB local storage capable of storing up to 120-day videos or snapshots & UK plug adapter

Always On Functionality

Add-On Battery & Hardwired Option

Long-Lasting built-in 5000mAH internal rechargeable battery which potentially lasts up to a 6 months battery life* on a single charge. 360 also provides an optional add-on battery pack that can be used to charge the doorbell without removing the doorbell. If the optional add on battery is mounted to the doorbell it can last up to 18 months *. There is also a hardwired connection option if you want to doorbell to be powered continuously without worrying about ever charging your battery.

* Measured by Manufacturer & it does not indicate the battery life that will be obtained by the user. The actual battery may vary considerably from this depending on the configuration, usage, wifi strength and features utilized
X3 Doorbell Add on Battery
X3 Doorbell Superior Vision

Superior Vision

Ultra HD, WDR & Night Vision

High-Quality camera features a state-of-the-art 5 Megapixel High-Resolution Camera to capture and preserve video in stunning 2496*1920 resolution. it can capture clear images of a car’s license plate. It also features WDR Technology (wide dynamic range) technology balances contrast, capturing startlingly clear details even in low light conditions or when figures are backlit

Advanced Security Features

Motion Recording, Auto Siren & Data Security

Auto recording - Once something sets off the motion sensors, the 360 X3 video doorbell immediately activates, capturing 10 to 30 seconds clips and sending them to you, instantly. It is viewable in real-time and available for replay later. It also features the auto-siren to deter intruders that arrive where they aren’t supposed and also send you real-time notifications when the siren activates. Strong Camera Security - all clips are encrypted with Banking Level Security (Chacha20) before being stored locally, or via cloud if you need more space by using the Amazon AWS server.

X3 Doorbell Advance Security
X3 Doorbell Tamper Proof

Tamper Proof

Anti-Theft Design with Auto Siren

360 Video Doorbell doorbell cannot be removed without the right pin to uninstall it. And the doorbell will sound a siren and send an alert to your phone if anyone attempts to remove or disable it without authorization. Additionally, it will record any such attempts as evidence, so there’s no chance a criminal can get away.

Easy PluG and Play Installation

Simple Set-up & Quick Installation

360 Video Doorbell X3 can be installed in just seconds and does not require professional help. There are two easy options 1) via 3M adhesive installation without the need of drilling or 2) Screws & fittings.

X3 Doorbell Easy Installation

360 AI Protection Plan

You can enjoy all the essential features like Live-view, human detection, 8GB local storage, motion-activated notifications, motion zones, snapshot capture, video saving, and share at no extra cost and without subscribing to any plans. If you need more, 360 offers a Basic Plan that starts only from US$ 4.99 per month or US$ 30.99 per year for 7-day video History and the Plus Plan that starts from US$ 7.99 per month or US$ 79.99 per year for a 30-day video history.

The plan is for reference only, as from time to time 360 may offer new premium services. Currently, not all features are fully available and they will be progressively deployed in the next few months through firmware updates.

The App running the 360 Video Doorbell X3 is Botslab an AI and IOT App developed by 360 Smart Life Group for the global market to ensure 100% compatibility outside China. It is available both on IOS and Android.


X3 Doorbell Tech Specs

What's in the Box

X3 Doorbell in the box