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Baby Monitor Singapore

Being a parent in Singapore means you have to keep an eye on your baby at all times whether it is to detect when the baby cries or when they are in danger or just watch from afar. For parents who can’t be with the baby all the time, though, an ip camera in form of a baby monitor provides a solution. The thing is, not all baby monitors are made equal. Some come with night vision, some have multiple recording options, some have better cameras than others, and so on.

Benefits of Baby Monitors

  • Peace of mind - an extra set of eyes and ears you need in your baby’s nursery. Having a monitor can help you distinguish what kind of cry it is. Without having to go in and disturb them, you can hear the cry from the monitor and know whether it is a hungry cry and you need to go in or if your baby is distressed or they are simply groaning in their sleep and haven’t really woken up - and going in would risk properly waking them up!
  • Security camera - serve as security cameras to keep a close eye on your baby when you’re away. You’ll be able to see live footage and video feed of your little one using your smartphone when you’re at work
  • Safety - Track your baby movements and even store video recordings for you to easily spot any changes to keep your baby safe. eg in a recent clip on tik tok showed a baby nearly suffocating under a blanket and thankfully the parent got there in time so the baby was ok.

Choosing a Baby Monitor

What's Available ?

Audio Baby Monitors:
Traditional baby monitor only transmits sound from the nursery to the receiver you keep near you. They don’t offer much in the way of special features, and their range can be somewhat limited. Hence, they are no longer as popular as before.

Audio-Video Baby Monitors:
Often include audio and video capabilities with a built-in microphone and speaker to enable two-way audio to see and speak to your baby from another room or place using wifi communication. The best video baby monitors include a color display screen to check on your baby. If not, you’ll use a mobile app via your smartphone for the same functionality. Video monitors are often bought for their camera functionality, allowing parents to see their baby in real-time. Most video baby monitors include night vision, digital zoom, and storage for videos and photos.

Security Camera Night Vision

Baby Monitors

The Must-Have Traits For Baby Monitor:

Nooie Cam360 Tracking

If you looking for the best baby monitors in Singapore, these are the must-have features :

Phone App: The more eyes and ears you have on your baby, the better. Look for a baby monitor that allows you to connect more cameras, allows sharing, or can connect smart home devices such as Alexa or Google Home to allow you to monitor your baby anytime, anywhere seamlessly.

Motion and sound sensors: The best baby monitors include motion and sound sensors that detect if your baby makes a noise or wakes from a nap. These sensors offer parents peace of mind by immediately knowing the baby’s up without wondering how long they’ve been awake. Once sound or motion is detected, the baby monitor display screen wakes up or sends an alert to automatically notify you to check on your baby.

Cameras: You should look for one that is high definition with zoom capability. An HD video camera gives clear images whereas zoom capability gives you an up-close view of your baby and the nursery vicinity a. Also, look for one that pan or tilt for the best view of your nursery and baby when you’re in another room.

Night Vision: When it’s bedtime, you’ll want to see a crystal clear view of your baby in the dark. The best baby monitor cameras include sharp infrared night vision to see your baby in pitch darkness so that do not need to turn the lights to check on your baby. Look for a baby monitor that automatically enables night vision when darkness is detected just in case you forget to enable the feature.

Fixed or Pan-tilt: Fixed type only allows the camera to manually adjusted to monitor the baby in a particular area so probably suitable when the baby is very young. Pan-tilt on the other hand can monitor the baby at any angles and even tracks movement so it is perfect when the baby grows and starts to crawl around.

Tp-link Tapo C110, TC70 & C210 C211 and C225 are great baby monitors because of these features:

  • 1080P Full HD for an ultra-clear image of your baby
  • Superior Night-vision so you can check on your baby in pitch dark without any disturbance
  • Smart Sound/Movement Detection so you can be notified immediately when motion, baby crying and abnormal sound is detected
  • Great UI and APP so install easily as well as share baby happy moments with family members

In addition,  Tp-link Tapo C210 , 211 and C225 cameras lso provide you with pan and tilt functionality with motion tracking so you can capture all the action of your baby in the nursery in full 360. It is most suitable when your infant grows and starts to move around.

Baby Specific Cameras

If you are prepared to pay a premium over a generic baby monitor with a budget between $300 to $600. There is a baby specific cameras is on sale such as Nanit Pro - Smart Baby Monitor

Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor on the other hand provides a stunning 1080p bird's eye view of your baby and your baby's sleep stats each morning, plus a timelapse highlight reel of their sleep, so you can rewatch their entire night in seconds. In addition to sleep tracking, Nanit also supports breathing motion tracking to track your baby's breathing to preempt the possibility of SIDS. PC Magazine has just recently awarded it, their editor's choice award after an extensive review of the camera.

Nanit is available on Shopee. Buy Nanit Pro - Smart Baby Monitor now.