360 IP Camera Singapore - Wide Angle + Motion Tracking

360 Monitoring for a Peace of Mind

Features automatic motion tracking that keeps up with the action.

Works with Google & Alexa

Meet Smart Camera Singapore 360 Camera your trusted eyes and ears for when you just can’t be at home. This 360 IP Security Camera, Baby and Pet Monitor provides 360 degrees of protection and captures the critical moments you don’t want to miss. It is stylish: Earthy beige tones, a sleek body, and a ceramic-like finish make this camera easy on the eyes. Equipped with a vertically and horizontally rotatable camera module, advanced algorithms that detect and track motions, and must-have features such as enhanced vision in crisp  HD, two-way audio, motion, and sound alerts. It is affordable too because everyone deserves a peace of mind.









Key Features

Nooie 360 Cam
Motion Tracking & Detection

Automatically senses and tracks the action in your home in full 360°. 101° field of view -- rotates 355° horizontally and 94° vertically. Advanced smart algorithms track motions so that you can monitor anything in action.

SmartCamearSG Real time Alert
Notification Anytime Anywhere

Real-time Activity Alerts, Crying Detection, and Motion Detection so that you receive instant app notifications wherever you are, whenever motion or sound is detected.

Nooie 360 Cam
High Definition & Smart

High-performance with Smart technology and high-definition. 1080/2K HD, Gamma Correction, Dynamic Noise Reduction

SmartCameraSG Night Vision
Superior Night Vision

Superior night vision with two 940nm infrared LEDs provides a clear, crisp picture up to 32ft (10m) even when it’s pitch-black. Allows you to check on your loved ones without any light so you would not risk waking them up.

SmartCamearSG Live view
24/7 Recordings & Unlimted Sharing

Store footage on secure cloud (7days, 15 days, 30 days) or your own MicroSD card  (up to 128G). Share access to live streaming and video recordings with those who care.

Nooie Camera App
Google Play & Apple App Store

Works with Apple IOS and Google Andriod

Nooie cam360 Motion tracking
Two-Way Audio

Clear distortion-free audio and microphone via built-in noise-cancelling speakers and microphone so that you can listen and talk to family or pets from anywhere at anytime with absolute clarity.

Nooie 360 Cam Smart Devices
Works with Alexa & Google Home

Works with digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant so you can control and access your camera seamlessly. All you need is a voice command to activate.

Nooie IPC100 Cam 360
3 Step Easy Setup

Download the Nooie App from Google Play or App Store. Create an Account then Add Device. Add Device can also be found by clicking the Control Center icon on the top right of the App home page.

360 IP Camera - Motion Tracking Camera

Whatever your needs are, we are confident you will be able to find a use for Nooie 360 IP Camera. Whether you are looking for a Home Security Camera, Baby Monitor, Senior Care or Pet Camera, our 360 Camera can help you.

Home Security

Day & Night 360 Home Security with motion/sound detection & movement tracking

Baby Monitor

24/7 watch over your precious baby or child with cry detection. Superior night vision means you need not turn on your lights to check on them.

Senior Care

Day and Night monitor of your elderly parents so that you will be alerted should anything happen or talk to them using built-in intercom

Pet Camera

Monitor your pets at home

Commercial Security

Monitor your business anytime anywhere

Customer Reviews

SmartCameraSG Amazon Review

Amazon - 4.3 to 4.6 out of 5 stars

Amazon US - #25 in Camera & Photo, #10 in Dome Surveillance Cameras

Amazon UK - Top 100 in Electronics & Photo, 35 in Dome Cameras

SmartCameraSG Review

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