Security Camera Singapore Types

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Whatever your needs are, we are confident you will be able to find a use for our security and doorbell cameras. Whether you are looking for a Home or Business Security Camera, Baby Monitor, Elderly Monitoring Camera, or Pet Camera, our IP surveillance cameras can help you.

Security Camera Singapore Types

Security Cameras

Security Cameras in Singapore may be a common sight but certainly not those you find at Smart Camera Singapore. Here you will find some of the most modern and stylish IP security cameras available, in various shapes, sizes, indoor and outdoor and functionalities.


Indoor Security Cameras

Indoor security cameras can be part of a complete security system or used on their own to add extra protection to your home, apartment or businesses. Today’s indoor security cameras deliver a lot more than recorded video footage. Most come with the option to view live-action video and two-way communication intercom. Both Nooie IPC100 360 Cam and IPC007 Indoor Cam are for indoors only.


Outdoor Security Cameras

If you need a security camera outdoor such as in a landed property in Singapore, it must be weatherproof and waterproof to withstand high temperature and rain. Another important feature is night vision and one with a built-in motion-activated light is an also good option. Nooie IPC200 Outdoor Cam is which rated IP66 waterproof is one such camera.


Wired Security Cameras

Wired security cameras or CCTV are connected to a central recording device such as DVR by a coaxial cable or ethernet cable. These are generally dome cameras, which can be mounted on ceilings and provide a wide field of view inside a home or office. However, they typically require professional installation and are more complex and expensive to operate and maintain.


Wireless Security cameras

Wireless security camera uses a Wi-Fi connection, so it does not require wire connections for control or recording purpose. Also called Wi-Fi cameras or IP cameras, wireless indoor cameras connect to a Wi-Fi network and store their footage in the cloud or portable memory device. They're easy to install as they don’t need a cable to transmit their video feed, but they may still need to be plugged into power if not battery powered. All Smart Camera Singapore's security cameras use the wifi network so that you access to cameras anytime, anywhere with a smart phone.


Monitored Security cameras

Security cameras that are part of a monitored security system usually have the same features and options as stand-alone cameras. You don't need to work the equipment as it is also taken care of by the home security company. It also monitors your home 24/7 as such you don't have do it yourself. However, they typically expensive as they require monthly or yearly subscriptions


Speciality security cameras

There are special-purpose cameras such as baby monitors, pets cameras, and elderly monitoring systems. Some of them can be fulfilled using purpose-built cameras, other by multifunctional cameras such as Nooie IPC100 360 cam and IPC007 Indoor camera.


Video Doorbells

This popular type of outdoor camera replaces your standard doorbell with one that has a camera inside. It serves a dual function as a doorbell as well as a security camera for your front door. When the camera detects motion or when the doorbell is pressed, it starts recording and opens two-way audio on your smartphone, smart speaker, or smart devices such as Alexa or Google Nest Hub so you can see and talk to whoever is at your front door.  It also records the interaction if you don’t answer the ring so you can view the footage later. SmartCameraSG has a good selection of Smart Video Doorbells for your homes or businesses.


Smart Homes

Increasingly more and more security cameras are compatible with smart home devices such as Alexa and Google hub. When security cameras are fully integrated with these smart home devices you can control the monitoring and security remotely from a single device. Our products work with these smart devices.