Commercial Security Camera Singapore for SME

Commercial Security Camera Singapore for SME

Building a successful business from scratch involves a lot of hard work and perseverance - so reward yourself with some well-earned peace of mind. Whether your shop, café, restaurant or warehouse you would need a good and reliable security camera. Small and Medium  Enterprises (SME) especially don't have a big budget to invest in an expensive security system. In the past,  to protect a business premise, heavy-duty, wired surveillance systems were the only options available. Times have changed and with the explosion in mobile solutions and the increased bandwidth offered by broadband and 4G, there are mobile-friendly options for SMEs seeking a budget-conscious security option.

Benefits of a Security Camera System:

  • Deter criminals and help law enforcement quickly catch any would-be thieves,
  • Improve the accountability of your employees,
  • Help you monitor productivity and sometimes even reduce your insurance premiums.

Therefore, a small up-front cost of installing a security camera surveillance system may well be worth the expense.

Commercial Security Cameras

Choosing a Commercial Security Camera

What's Available ?

There are many types of security cameras. The best security cameras for small businesses give you a balance between video quality, value, durability, and functionality. Luckily for organizations, the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, improved mobile connectivity, apps, and cloud technologies has radically changed the security landscape and made it easier than ever to set up multi-room or premise systems with easy installation and constant monitoring.

Wired vs wireless: Wired cameras usually require a professional to install as you to run cables. Hence, for SMEs with smaller small storefronts wireless connections such as wifi is recommended.

HD Camera: Look for 1080p HD or even 4K UHD to capture as much detail as possible; clothing logos, facial features, and even license plate numbers are critical information in the event of an emergency.

Night Vision: If you want 24/7 recording, it's best to choose a camera system that has built-in infrared lighting or integrated spotlights for recording in dim, dark, or even pitch-black environments.


Camera for small business

Indoor Vs Outdoor: Outdoor cameras often feature water, dust, and tamper-resistant housings to prevent damage from the weather or vandals while indoor cameras may only have tamper-resistant housings.

Video Storage: Storing video files is another important factor to consider when shopping for a security camera system for your small business. Some systems come packaged with pre-installed hard drives for local storage while others have on-camera microSD card slots for video storage. Higher-end systems often include the option for cloud storage so you can have almost unlimited space for video and remote access to files from almost anywhere and any device.

The Must-Have Traits For Commercial Camera:

The best security cameras for small businesses give you a balance between video quality, value, durability, and functionality. Where you position the cameras are also important to provide optimal protection for your business. Popular Small Business locations are :

Security Camera for Store Entrance

Entrance & Windows

Keep an eye out on traffic flow around busy entranceways and large windows. Nooei IPC007 Indoor Cam would be an ideal camera if it is indoor like in a mall or Nooie IPC200 Outdoor Cam if it is outdoor. For small offices, you can consider Indoor Security Cameras for general office surveillance and a video doorbell to act receptionist and security for your office entrance.

Security Cameras for Cafe

Cash Registers & Safes

Positioning a camera near the cash registers and safes will help keep track of your money. Having a Nooie IPC007 Indoor Cam strategically position at them will certainly give any business owner peace of mind.

Security Camera - Shop monitor

Low Visibility Areas

Low visibility areas provide ample coverage for illicit activity, so a visibly placed camera will help deter thieves. Nooie IPC100 Cam360 which can pan, tilt, and track movement provides a good 360 cover of such areas.


Security Camera - Stock room


Ensure your business operations are all up and running while protecting yourself from unwarranted theft. Depending on the coverage needed we have the right cameras for your business needs.