IP Security Camera Singapore

Ip Security Cameras
Whatever your needs are, we at Smart Camera Singapore are confident you will be able to find a use for our IP security cameras. Whether you are looking for a Home Security Camera, Baby Monitor, Elderly Monitoring Camera or Pet Camera, our IP Cameras can help you.
Our Smart IP Security Cameras has the following best of class features:
  • Field of View: Our IP cameras has a field of view of between 101° to 107° giving good coverage for any rooms in your house big or small, your front porch or garden.
  • Resolution: 1080p resolution or higher. This ensures you can view security video with absolute clarity.
  • Motion/Sound Detection: Our smart security cameras feature both motion and sound detection so it will alert you when a specified area has movement or if baby or pets has woken up.
  • Audio: Our Ip security cameras feature superior anti-noise two-way audio allows you to communicate to whoever is in view of the camera. It also features anti-theft alarm set off a loud siren to scare off intruders or animals.
  • Pan/Tilt/Swivel: Our IP cameras can be manually or automatically tilted and swivelled to focus on a certain viewing area. Our Cam 360 can even track a person moving within their field of view so you won't miss anything.
  • Cloud recording or Local storage: Having a cloud storage option can be helpful. You'll be able to store footage of any motion alerts for 30 days, so in the event of someone vandalizing or stealing from your property, you'll have some video evidence ready. Our cameras feature both cloud and local storage option such as SD memory card.
  • Smart Home Devices: Some of our IP cameras integrate with  Alexa and Google Assistant so can you control and monitor your cameras giving you easy access over your security and surroundings
  • Cost: Other than the cost of IP cameras itself, as the cameras does not require professional installation, the upfront cost is minimal. The ongoing cost is also inexpensive as you have the option of subscribing to one affordable cloud storage plans or purchase a micro SD card.
  • Night vision: Our IP cameras feature superior night vision which is extremely useful if you want 24/7 monitoring and it also allows you to check on your loved ones or pets without waking them up. In addition, our cameras feature wide aperture so it would capture recordings even for dimly lited areas or when the weather changes.
  • Source of Power: Our IP cameras are wired so you have constant power to ensure 24/7 monitoring without any downtime during battery charging.
  • Mobile App - A mobile app is the biggest advantage of a smart security camera as it allows you access your camera anytime and anywhere hence it is important that it is user friendly, reliable and limited latency as our smart cameras so you are to see who is at your door instead of after the person at your door has left.
  • Weatherproof: Depending on the usage, our outdoor IP camera is weatherproof up to IP66 and also UV resistance to ensure you can record even when UV rays are particularly strong. It can also withstand our hot weather as it can work up to a temperature of 45° C.

If you plan to use our IP cameras to monitor your entrances, it should be positioned above a window or a doorframe, facing downward to cover the area a few feet in front of the opening if you're looking to track deliveries. If it for outdoor usage you should opt for our outdoor IP camera with wide angles as well as waterproofing. If it for use indoors and if you're hoping to monitor general activity, say, of children in the house, placing our Cam 360 IP camera in the corner should work. If you're hoping to monitor entryways for security purposes, a narrower lensed device like our IPC007 Indoor camera, with night vision, is a good option

IP Security Cameras

Nooie IPC100 Cam360

360 Cam

Day & Night 360 Home Security with motion/sound detection & movement tracking

Nooie IPC007 Indoor Security Camera

Indoor Camera

Reliable Smart Camera for Indoor Use for your Home

Nooie IPC 200 Weatherproof Outdoor Camera

Outdoor Camera

Weatherproof smart camera solution for outdoor use

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Works with Google & Alexa