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The best smart lights ensure you can create the perfect atmosphere without even getting up from the sofa. Whether you want to brighten or dim your light bulbs, create a dramatic effect by changing the hue they illuminate, or even just controlling them when you’re not at home, all you need is your smartphone or one of the smart speakers or smart displays.

Most smart light bulbs are now LED so they use less energy and are longer lasting. The best smart lighting can be set to work with many smart home devices, such as smart plugs, the best video doorbells and the best home security cameras to automate your home too. For example; you could set the smart lights to switch on automatically when your home security camera detects motion or ensure a cosy setting with the lights dimmed and the radio playing your favourite station after a set time.

When selecting the best smart lights for you, you’ll need to consider the type of fitting the bulb has and if it's compatible with your existing lighting or if you’ll need to buy adapters. It’s also worth considering the number of different colours the smart light bulbs can illuminate and if you need to invest in the extra kit for them to work. Smart Camera Smart Bulb TP-link L530E for example has multicolour with up to 16,000,000 hues.

A good and easy to use app is also a consideration. For example with TP-Link L530E, from the app Tapo itself, you can control the brightness, colour, schedule and many other features such as letting users set up their own preset colours, and also schedules. Of course, if you use a smart home voice assistant, you’ll mainly use that to control it. However, the app is handy especially if you want to switch lights on before you arrive home for example.

One of the cool features that is very useful for many of us now that are working from home is the sunrise to sunset feature. This sets the light to automatically come on at sunrise and slowly dim and switch off at sunset. It is very good for those rooms which have little to no daylight, which can help you stay connected to the outside world. You can adjust the warmth of the light itself by making it cooler, to help imitate natural bright daylight. Then in the evening, you could make the light warmer and cosy.

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Tapo L530E Light Bulb

TP-LINK Tapo L530E Smart WiFi LED Light Bulb 16 mil Colors (E27/No Hub required/Works with Google Assistant & Alexa)